Andy Solberg

Ensemble Instructor

Andy Solberg.jpg

Andy earned his B.A. in music (major in theory and composition and studied classical guitar for four years) at Denison University in 1979.

In his own words, Andy "has had the pleasure" of teaching ensembles at the JMPC since 1985. A consummate musician, Andy performs regularly on guitar, vocals, violin, and bass. He also plays keys, drums, trumpet, and steel pedal guitar.

Andy currently teaches a rock ensemble at the JPMC. His laid-back, relaxed and positive personality informs his teaching style. When teaching ensembles Andy considers his role to be that of a "coach", helping horn players, singers, and rhythm section players understand how to feel the "groove" of a particular song and how to fit into that particular groove. When teaching students how to improve on a particular song, Andy's varied musical background enables him to offer suggestions unique to every instrumentalist in the group.

Andy has also been a music teacher at the Pencroft School (K-5) in Norton, Massachusetts since 1996.

Call 617-277-3438 now (or email to join or observe Andy’s rock ensemble!  No registration fees.