Top Ten Reasons the John Payne Music Center's Adult Ensemble Program
Is Stellar:

10. We have the largest adult ensemble program in the area (17 groups), allowing tremendous variety in musical styles, ability levels and scheduling choices.

9. We have year-round weekly enrollment, rather than being stuck in the confines of semesters.

8. The ensemble groups have the opportunity to play out several times per year at The Burren in Somerville.

7. A number of our ensembles perform at other places as well, even including paid gigs.

6. Our group meetings are 90 minutes long instead of the standard 60 minutes at many other schools.

5. Over the years many of the groups have become more like meetings of friends rather than just classes.

4. Having seven different teachers gives our program a range of teaching styles (not to mention senses of humor) for students to choose from. Learn about our instructors: Dan Weiner, Phil Neighbors, John Turner, Ririka Tokushige, Peter Cicco, Andy Solberg, Shimon Ben-Shir

3. All of our teachers are aware that enjoyment in playing music is no less important than ability levels.

2. Our patient, student-oriented ensemble instructors are all top-notch teacher/musicians with years of teaching and performance experience.

1. Any program that is able to list nine reasons that it is exceptional must have something going for it!