Dan Weiner

Acoustic Guitar - Electric Guitar - Jazz Ensemble Instructor

Dan Weiner.jpg

Dan Weiner has been teaching at the JMPC since 1985. He teaches private lessons on acoustic guitar, electric bass, and also teaches several jazz ensembles. An active freelance musician, Dan has performed throughout the New England area since moving to Boston in 1979, playing in jazz groups of all sizes and styles. Dan studied with Charlie Banacos, and attended Berklee College of Music. Dan has performed with Eartha Kitt and popular female impersonator Jim Bailey, and he is a frequent side-man with the White Heat Swing Orchestra (featured on the Dick Tracy soundtrack).

Dan's musical tastes lean in a "straight-ahead" jazz direction. While coaching ensembles, he attempts to create a relaxed yet focused environment conducive to improving musicianship and having a good time doing so. One of Dan's special strengths is his ability to patiently work with a horn section and rhythm section, melding them into a cohesive musical unit.

Like all of our JMPC instructors, Dan has years of experience teaching private lesson students of all ages and tastes from complete beginners to more advanced students. The styles taught include Jazz, Rock, Folk, Blues, and beginning Classical guitar.

Dan has a CD entitled Exchanges on the Brownstone label, featuring many original compositions. Dan has another CD titled "Quantegy" available here.

Dan combines humor, an abundance of musical knowledge, and an ability to create a relaxed learning environment with a truly unique teaching style.

Call 617-277-3438 now (or email info@jpmc.us) to schedule a lesson with Dan, or observe or join one of his jazz ensembles!  No registration fees.